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This long reaching Multi-System Swing Yarder was designed for standing skyline, live skyline and running skyline logging to tackle a wide variety of settings, maximize productivity and minimize crew requirements. Available in three guylines with live boom or four guyline options. 

Excels in:

• Slackline Grapple Carriage 

• Standing Skyline 

• Interlock Grapple Systems

With large capacity drums and brakes, our direct drive winch is ideal for traditional standing skyline logging, motorized grapple carriage with live skyline or full interlock grapple yarding with running skyline.  The 60 foot boom and multi purpose winch are designed to maximize machine utilization making the most of existing road infrastructure while working in smaller landings.  The yarder provides a full range of motion with a motorized grapple carriage for picking up and landing turns.  The winch is also full interlock running skyline capable with same speed reversing for use with a mechanical grapple or mechanical slack puller for grapple settings or thinning jobs.



With a floor to ceiling front window and a peaked roof equipment operators have an excellent uphill and downhill view of the operation. Large side windows are ideal for winch and ground visibility. The cab interior is quiet and comfortable with climate control and large sliders. Electronic controls deliver excellent feel with no air or oil inside the cab. Operators have plenty of room for easy access and proper safety lockout disables all controls, except the brakes.


• Efficient right-angle drive eliminates chain case 

• Regenerative braking, both directions 

• Waterfall drum arrangement with large diameter drums 

• Equal speed drum reversing 

• Splined shafts for easy maintenance 

• Aerospace quality heat treated alloy gears for maximum efficiency and durability

• Dedicated water-cooled brake for skyline allows for smooth control when using grapple carriage 

• Oversized Rear Main Drum with Dual Band Brakes allows for needed capacity in standing skyline systems 

• Increased Straw Drum Capacity 

• Optional Bolt-On Lagging for all Drums 

• Durable Allison 5620 Transmission, well proven in yarder applications


• Rear entry style cab with tall front window 

• Parker IQAN electronic control system with electronic joystick controls 

• Touchscreen gauge cluster with on-screen diagnostics 

• Electric over hydraulic / air for smooth, tight winch control 

• On-screen distance readout with audible proximity alert


• Your choice of 3 with live boom or 4 with pennant straps 

• Requires minimum crew when using grapple / grapple carriage systems. • Eliminate the headaches of trying to keep a rigging crew to set chokers.


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