Our grapple line up

Extreme Duty 66" & 72" Grapples
Appropriate for machines weighing 30 tons and above
• Offered with 66” legs weighing 3,548 lbs and 72” legs weighing 3,783 lbs.
• Augmented midsection and cylinders provide excellent log retention strength
• Improved leg design and structure for easier log rolling.

Heavy Duty 52", 56" & 60" Grapple

• Perfectly suited for 20-ton carriers and the majority of self-levelers

• Offered in 52” legs weighing 2,150 lbs. and 60” legs weighing 2,230 lbs.

• Superior design ensures strong log retention and quick open/close functionality..

Extreme Duty 60" Grapple

• Our top-selling grapple, ideal for 30-ton machines

• Comes with 60” legs weighing 3,241 lbs.

• Features fully protected high-pressure cylinders and swivel

• Enhanced internal support with a solid top plate.

Heavy Duty Solid Steel Replaceable Tips

T-MAR Grapples jaw shape is designed to efficiently roll and grip logs, ensuring exceptional hold and manipulation. While the grapple tips undergo the most wear and tear, they are cast in heavy duty solid steel to enhance longevity. These seamless cast steel tips are resistant to wear and designed to prevent spreading. Replaceable tips are available for all T-Mar Heel Grapples. 


Extreme & Heavy Duty Brush Rakes

• Quickly move brush and debris

• Models that attach to existing 60” or 66” Extreme Duty grapples

• Models that attach to existing 56" or 60" Heavy Duty grapples

• Easy field install/removal with quick attach system

• Clamps together in storage position for convenience

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Extreme duty & heavy duty Grapple Saws

• Excellent for bucking and salvaging blow down

• T-MAR Heavy Duty Steel Saw housing with integrated chain lube tank

• Huldins Supercut 300 Saw Unit with ¾” pitch chain and 45” or 52” bar

• Integrated Saw Control Valve simplifies installation

• Compatible with 60” and 66” Extreme Duty Grapples

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• Most components are built in house at our Vancouver Island location

• Built by a team of skilled tradesmen using modern manufacturing techniques and CNC equipment

• Engineered by T-MAR and tested on the West Coast to build the best grapple available