T-MAR Manufactured
Yarder Cameras & Distance Markers

Yarder Cameras Systems

T-MAR's Yarder Camera features excellent HD picture quality while increasing safety and productivity.  Keep production going on foggy days or low light / poor visibility days. The Grapple Camera allows for faster grappling in blind spots and long distances, giving operators a birds eye view of Hook Tenders and the hillside. The camera works great in broken ground conditions, over breaks and “fishing” in brush piles without losing contact.  Keep the Hook Tender out of harms way and REDUCE RISK associated with crew on the hillside. Frees up time for him to go change the back end to keep production going. 


• Range (Normal Conditions) 1500 ft. / 450 meters

• Weight: 63 lbs. / 30kg

• Two long life, high density lithium polymer batteries with 10 - 12 hour run time per battery

• Universal 12V or 120V battery charging station

• Rugged 100QT (T1 steel) housing with O-Ring seal cover plate

• Replaceable scratch resistant MARGUARD™ Lens

• Rugged CNC Machined Electronics Housing

• Epoxy Coated Electronics

• Sealed Electronics Compartment with separate Battery Compartment

• HD Digital Video

• Durable Aircraft Cable Antenna

• Long Life, High Density Lithium Polymer Battery

• Magnetic Mount Antenna for Simple Cab Installation

• No Repeaters etc. – Similar to Normal Radio Install

• 19 Inch LED Monitor with HD quality, displays the grapple / area operation in real time

• Transmitter is potted and mounted in aluminum housing with shock absorbing mounts

• In-cab receiver has two antenna inputs and allows recording of operation onto USB Stick

• Two mounting bolts for simple installation and and removal 


Distance Markers

MARK your LAST STOP, so you can FLY BACK OUT to GRAB another load. Grapple Camera and Line Counter technology allows machine operators to work safely and efficiently without the need for ground crews.

• Simple & Reliable

• Suits any Machine - YARDER or TOWER

• Remote Push Button to Mark “HOME”

• Bright LCD Touch Screen Display  is EASY to read in any light

• Customizable audible alarm alerts you as you approach your target