Log Champ 550 and 650 Yarders - Designed and Built for Steep Slope Logging

For generations, the loggers of British Columbia's west coast have relied on a durable fleet of log yarders to harvest logs from the region's challenging landscapes.

But these stalwart machines are nearing retirement. With the global demand for wood products on the rise, finding an apt replacement has become a pressing challenge, a sentiment shared by loggers worldwide.

Enter T-MAR’s Log Champ Yarders.

Born from a fusion of innovation and expertise, T-MAR introduces a revolutionary range of swing yarders. Led by industry veterans Jim Mantle, Ed Hughes, and the dedicated T-MAR Engineering Team, these yarders are the epitome of modern design, versatility, and efficiency.

Specifically crafted for logging on steep terrains, the Log Champ 550 & 650 Yarders are proudly built in BC and stand as a testament to excellence. Their rising popularity marks them as the global yarder of choice.

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BLUE 650(1000)

LC550 - 70,000 Lbs. Pull • 1500’ Reach • One Piece Move

LC650 - 95,000 Lbs. Pull • 1800’ Reach • Two Piece Move

LOG-CHAMP 550 & 650 Features


With a floor to ceiling front window and a peaked roof equipment operators have an excellent uphill and downhill view of the operation. Large side windows are ideal for winch and ground visibility. The cab interior is quiet and comfortable with climate control and large sliders. Electronic controls deliver excellent feel with no air or oil inside the cab. Operators have plenty of room for easy access and proper safety lockout disables all controls, except the brakes.


• Efficient right-angle drive eliminates chain case

• Regenerative braking in both directions

• Side by side drum arrangement with large diameter drums

• Equal speed drum reversing

• Splined shafts for easy maintenance

• Aerospace quality heat treated alloy gears for maximum efficiency and durability


• Dual Piston pumps and valving provide flow for travel, swing, boom hoist, guylines

• Variable speed hydraulic auto-reversing cooling fan

• Hydraulic constant speed cooling pump

• Hydraulic 60 CFM rotary vane air compressor


• Rear entry forestry style cab with tall front window

• Parker IQAN electronic control system with electronic joystick controls

• Touchscreen gauge cluster with on-screen diagnostics

• Electric over hydraulic / air for smooth, tight winch control

• On-screen distance readout 

  with audible proximity alert

550 650 comparison

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