The log champ Line up

LOG CHAMP 550 & 650

The Legacy of Log Yarders in British Columbia: For years, the rugged west coast of British Columbia has relied on a robust fleet of log yarders. These machines, though aged, have been the backbone of logging, seamlessly retrieving logs from the most challenging terrains.

The Changing Times: As these reliable machines near their retirement and the world's appetite for wood products surges, the logging industry faces a challenge: finding worthy replacements.

A Global Echo: Loggers worldwide share this concern. It's not just a BC dilemma but a global one.

Introducing T-MAR’s Log Champ Yarders: This is where the innovation of T-MAR steps in. With the expertise of Jim Mantle, Ed Hughes, and the entire T-MAR Engineering Team, they've reimagined the log yarder. Built from scratch, T-MAR introduces the new era of swing yarders.

The Pinnacle of Yarder Design: Designed explicitly for steep-slope logging, the Log Champ 550 & 650 Yarders boast of unmatched efficiency and versatility. Crafted with precision right here in BC, they are the perfect blend of modern technology and hands-on experience.

Gaining Global Momentum: Log Champ Yarders are not just making waves in BC. They're rapidly becoming the first choice for loggers around the world....

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This long reaching Multi-System Swing Yarder was designed for standing skyline, live skyline and running skyline logging to tackle a wide variety of settings, maximize productivity and minimize crew requirements. Available in three guylines with live boom or four guyline options. With large capacity drums and brakes, our direct drive winch is ideal for traditional standing skyline logging, motorized grapple carriage with live skyline or full interlock grapple yarding with running skyline.  The 60 foot boom and multi purpose winch are designed to maximize machine utilization making the most of existing road infrastructure while working in smaller landings.  The yarder provides a full range of motion with a motorized grapple carriage for picking up and landing turns.  The winch is also full interlock running skyline capable with same speed reversing for use with a mechanical grapple or mechanical slack-puller for grapple settings or thinning jobs....

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extend the life of aging equipment

Add years of operation life to your aging logging equipment with a T-Mar ReLife.

With 40 years of experience behind us we have the know how and expertise to help you get the most use out of your aging equipment. T-MAR’s extensive core remanufacturing program, called a Re-Life, restores worn-out equipment of all kinds to like-new condition.  It’s a great way to protect and upgrade your investment to bring your fleet to modern standards.  Our program is so complete that many commercial lenders offer the same financing as is available for new equipment.

Bring New Life Into Your Investment

• Restore Machine to Like-New Condition

• In-House Expertise on Cable Equipment...

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