T-MAR Manufactured 


Utilizing the latest 3D modeling technology, we've refined the leg design to maximize volume use and enhance stability. Our leg profile was meticulously crafted through computer simulations of diverse logs and bundles, ensuring a solid grip on both individual logs and bundled ones. This grapple functions efficiently, swiftly, and productively, opening smoothly without tipping, even when not loaded. With 4 decades of expertise in design, repair, and manufacturing, trust us to provide a top-notch Swing Yarder Grapple that will contribute to your and your company's success! 


86" HEAVY DUTY - 86” x 2” QT100 Legs - Weight: 2435 lbs.
98" HEAVY DUTY - 98” x 2.5” QT100Legs - Weight: 2931 lbs.
Yarding Grapple Features

• Designed for maximum useful openings to gather logs.
• Innovative leg hanging arrangement provides excellent opening action and resistance to inverting.
• Can be reeved single or double
• Exclusive T-Mar Swivel Assembly swivels for block hook-ups.
• Innovative shackle style pivot keeps legs upright in all positions.
• Hangs onto bunches
• Small closing width for grabbing tops
• Integrated Rider Swivel
• Manganese Rope Guide
• Sheaves: 14" Centre I 10" Legs
• Closing Line: 1" Wire Rope
• Replaceable Manganese Steel Wear Buttons


T-MAR's Yarder Camera features excellent HD picture quality while increasing safety and productivity.  Keep production going on foggy days or low light / poor visibility days.

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